Learn how to build an Orthodontic Practice where Patients Return and Refer

Its all about the experience...

  • Touch points and how to effectively utilize them.

  • Experience. Why its a team effort and how your Vision controls yours.

  • Building Trust and Confidence Within Your Patients and its long term effects.  

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In the book You will discover:

Why Experience

Its about more than just providing a basic orthodontic service. Their experience starts the moment they learn of your practice.

The Foundation

Building an effective team starts with a strong vision. Learn about the Patient Advocate and how Staff, Structure, and Setting form the foundation.

The Magic of Marketing

What to consider when presenting your practice to the public and creating engaging marketing.

About the Author: Travis Frederickson

Hi, I’m Travis Frederickson, the founder and president of C4 Practice Services, a consulting firm focused on the Patient Experience for both dental and medical practices, and author of The Ortho Experience; The Key To An Effective Orthodontic Practice.


For more than 20 years, I’ve been teaching, writing, speaking and consulting with small businesses and government entities that want to increase profits, improve marketing results, and streamline business management. For the past decade, I’ve worked primarily within the dental and medical professions.


What I’ve witnessed (and verified with hours of intensive research, pouring over industry data and consulting with the top practices in the country) is that the quality of your patients’ experience is what makes – or breaks – their decision to return or refer ... and ultimately, your practice’s financial health.

"What People Are Saying"

“Travis is the Rock Star when it comes to the dental patient experience” 

Howard Farran

Howard Farran, DDS, DentalTown.com

“Travis's book should be required reading for every dental practice, not just the doctor, but your entire team.”

Gary Takacs

The Thriving Dentist Podcast

In the last 3 years, year over year, I've seen 20% growth [working with Travis] ... That doesn't happen by accident.

Dr. Greg Guymon

Guymon Orthodontics

Who is this book for? (The answer is probably You!)

For those who still mistakenly believe that all of your education, training, and experience are all about teeth, this book is for you. For those who believe that there is something more and a better way to motivate team members, this book is for you.

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